Justin Roper

My name is Justin "Jus Nice" Roper. Born & raised in Wildwood,NJ.... I have always had a love for music, fashion, and Sneakers. I am passionate about  being an all around business man. Owning my own company, Being my own person and not what someone else wants me to be. I launched my own clothing line in 2014 (AlwaysDope), an urban clothing line for both men and women as well as children. Clothing is  something I have always had an interest in, as a teenager, you always wanted to be fresh no matter where u went. I did what I had to do from begging my mom to borrowing people's clothes. I think back on those days and through dedication and hard work, I now have my own line!
 AlwaysDope has many unique designs and can be personalized for one of a kind pieces. T-shirts, sweat pants, tank tops, sweaters, hoodies, onesies and much more!!
Summer 2015 I put together my first Sneaker Convention at the Wildwood,NJ convention center.
It turned out to be a huge success. We had lots of fun and I appreciate all the support from those who attended! I look forward to this years event, calling ALL  sneakerheads!!!!
 My interest for sneakers goes back to the early 90's when Jordans use to always be on shelves at stores. Back then you could just walk in and get what u wanted, when retail was $75-$100. I loved all sneakers though: Nike, reebok, adidas, converse, la gears, etonics, just to name a few.
Music is my #1 passion.  I have been writing, recording & putting out music for the last 10+ years, performing all over this great nation of ours infront of thousands of people. I haven't recorded a whole project since 2014 but I anticipate to get back to my music soon.
Thanks for the support and interest in my story and passions!
Any questions hit us up!!